Wireless Network Components

Wireless Network Components

  • Access Point : The access point is a device that links a wireless network to a wired LAN.
  • PC Card : A wireless PC card enables laptop users to connect wirelessly to the LAN
  • PCI Adapter : Just as a wireless access PC card allows portable and laptop computers access to the LAN, a wireless access PCI adapter allows desktop PC users access to the LAN
  • Router :A router is a device used for sharing a single Internet connection across multiple computers. This is ideal in the home or office where  multiple computers and devices can be online at the same time with only a single Internet connection.


Network can be defined as a group of computers and other devices connected in some ways so as to be able to exchange data

Networking is the practice of linking computing devices together with hardware and software that supports data communications across these devices

 MAN (Metropolitan Area Networks)

  • Metropolitan Area Networks ,a system of LANs connected through out a city or metropolitan.
  • MANs are used to connect to other LANs.
  • A MAN has to have the requirement of using a telecommunication media such as Voice Channels or Data Channels.

WAN(Wide Area Networks)

  • Wide Area Networks: a network system connecting cities, countries, continents together
  • WANs are connected together using one of the telecommunications media

ADSL - Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line

ADSL is a common form of Digital Subscriber Line (DSL) service used in home networking. ADSL provides comparatively more network bandwidth for downloads and less for uploads.


Apache is generally recognized as the world's most popular Web server (HTTP server). Originally designed for Unix servers, the Apache Web server has been ported to Windows and other network operating systems (NOS).

Anetwork adapterinterfaces a computer to a network. The term "adapter" was popularized originally byEthernetadd-in cards for PCs

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