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  • 1990 --The first web browser was invented in by Tim Berners-Lee. It was called World Wide Web and was later renamed Nexus
  • A web browser are an application software
  • The major web browsers are FirefoxGoogle ChromeInternet ExplorerOpera, and Safari
Launched Year  Web Browser Developed by  
1994 Netscape Navigator Netscape Communications Corporation (now part of AOL)  
1995 Internet Explorer Microsoft Corporation the most widely used web browser
1996 Opera Opera Software ASA  
2003 Safari Apple Inc.  
2004 Mozilla Firefox Mozilla Corporation Open Source Web Browser
2008 Google Chrome Google  

Web Browser and Examination View

  1. Question may on First web Browser?
  2. Arrange Chronological order of launching year of Web Browser?
  3. Arrange the Web Browser as per their Usages?
  4. Which is the Open Source web Browser
  5. What is Web Browser? With options (System software, Application software, operating software, search Engine)
  6. Matching the Pairs –Web Browser and Their Developers or web Browser and one example is another side
  7. List is given and ask which is odd one or which is not a web browser

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