• Reviews  are  another  important  information  source  and  are  classified  as  secondary  sources as  they  are prepared extracting the information from primary sources.
  • They are compiled after retrieving and integrating data/ information from multiple information sources.
  • Reviews basically assess the related concepts   from   articles, gather, summarize and present them in an abridged form that help  the user to understand either the whole gamut of  a subject or the recent advances in a subject or the growth trends of a subject area.
  • Reviews  provide  a  ‘coherent  picture  of  the  development  or  progress  of  a  subject’  and  present information in a ‘more easily digestible form’.
  •  The basic characteristics of reviews are:
  1. analyses research studies about the same topic
  2. analyses original documents or archival material
  3. puts each contribution in perspective
  4. indicates inter-relationship of ideas
  5. indicates significance and possible areas of application
  6. presents an integrated picture of development and progress
  •  Types of reviews
  1. enumerative—listing with brief descriptions
  2. evaluative—judging worth of the publications included
  3. summarizing—providing a state-of-the-art summary (Wikipedia)

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