Online  Dictionary  of  Library  and  Information  Science  defines  referral  service  as  ‘A  type  of reference  transaction  in  which  patrons  with  an  information  need   are  directed  to  a  reputable person or agency outside the library.’

The  referral  service  is  also  known  as  ‘information  and  referral  service   (I&R)’.

Referral services do not provide the user with the documents or information actually needed for his query but refer him to the sources such as secondary publications, information units, professional organisations, research institutes and individual specialists, etc. and tell him where to find them.

Referral services can function on their own or in cooperation with other services.

It is very difficult to measure the effectiveness of such services unless they keep themselves in close touch with their sources and users.

This type of service provides  detailed  information,  including  contact  information,  mailing  address  where  a  person can go and receive the required help.


The components Referral services …………………….May be here Question on Exam

  • The Resource File
  • The Question/Answer Component
  • A clarification, follow-up and Assistance


Influencing Factors to measure satisfaction level of users in Referral service 

  1. Library staff has additional responsibility to identify  outside  service  agencies
  2. Maintaining  and  updating  the  resource  file
  3. Do  not  have  any  direct  control
  4. Attitude of the librarians

(May be here Question on Exam)

Source : IGNOU study material and Epgpatshala


Q .1 Anticipatory information dissemination service is the example of ……

  1. Reference service
  2. Selective Dissemination Service
  3. Current Awareness Service
  4. Literature Search

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