According to Guha “digest is actually a fuller representation of a document, rewritten for a purpose or to suit the requirements of different group of people, but intended to serve as a complete substitute for the original document.”

A digest is a systematic condensation of a written work, often prepared by someone other than the author of the original.

It is generally larger than the synopsis and sometimes with headings and subheadings to facilitate quick reference.

Digests are generally periodical publications containing condensation of works, gathered from many sources and arranged in a systematic order.

A digest may be prepared ad hoc on request on a particular subject, or it may be issued frequently at regular intervals or in anticipation of demand.


Need and Functions

  • Technical digests are useful sources of information for managerial and technical workers inthe industry. Through technical digests the managers and technical workers in industries obtain information on technical know-how and other technical data helpful in their work.
  • Different categories of workers in industry require different types of information.Managerial personnel require product-oriented information such as technical, commercial and marketing information. An effective technical digest not only saves the time of the manager but also helps him/her in decision-making.
  • Technical workers/operators require information on solving technical problems, new ideas and processes, which can help them in day-to-day working. Technical digests oriented towards this group of users to meet their information requirements effectively.

Technical digests serve following functions:

  1. Keep different levels of workers in the industry abreast of latest developments in their respective fields;
  2. Provide timely dependable information to keep them equipped with new developments taking place in their areas of specialisation;
  3. Disseminate latest technical know-how; and
  4. Serve as an effective channel between research and production centres.

The planning and preparation of a technical digest involves the following steps

  • Identification of users and their information requirements
  • Sources of information and its collection
  • Information Analysis and Consolidation
  • Evaluation
  • Presentation and Layout
  • Dissemination

Source : IGNOU Study Material

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