Document Delivery Service (DDS)

Document delivery service (dds)

  • NISCAIR As : Document Supply Centres

Contents, Abstract And Photocopy Service (CAPS) --

Contents, Abstracts and Photocopy Service (CAPS) is a personalized information service provided by National Science Library,NISCAIR.

One can select journals of one’s choice from a list (available free, on request) of 7,000 core journals in various S&T disciplines.

The subscriber will receive at his doorstep regularly every month, the table of contents from the selected journals. After going through the table of contents, one can obtain the abstract or full text of desired article(s) through Document Copy Supply Service of National Science Library,NISCAIR.

Document Copy Supply Service (DCSS)

NISCAIR provides a yoeman's service to the Indian scientific community by supplying copies of articles from Indian and foreign journals at nominal charges Copies of Indian and foreign patents and standards can also be obtained from NISCAIR.

NISCAIR Online Periodicals Repository (NOPR)

  • NOPR  provides  free  access  to  full-text  articles  from  18  research  periodicals  published  by NISCAIR.
  •  The  Repository  provides  access  to  over  25,870  articles.  One  can  search  the database by periodical title, article title, authors, keywords and date of publication.

British Library Document Supply Service (BLDSS)

  • British Library Document Supply Service (BLDSS) will deliver a more efficient, higher quality document supply service that will develop as quickly as your needs do in future years.
  • Jointly funded by the Library and the Higher Education Funding Council (HEFCE), it will replace existing systems and introduce new services supporting remote document supply and will have links with all Library services and systems that currently interact with document supply operations.

Electronic Theses Online Service (ETHOS)

Document Delivery Service of National Library of Australia

Electronic Document Delivery Systems (EDDS)

Document Delivery Service from Infotrieve Inc

Inter Library Loan Service of Online Computer Library Centre (OCLC)

DOCLINE System: Inter Library Loan System of National Library of Medicine, USA

Document Delivery Service from E-journal Publishers

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NISCAIR has instituted the National Prior Art Search Services Facility (NPASF) for the benefit of ideators, inventors, scientists of national research facilities and science planners.

Under NPASF, the following services are provided:

 Prior Art Search

Under the Prior Art Search facility, one can unearth prior inventions that bear close resemblance to any patent or non-patent literature. Under this facility search is conducted on patent literature, product literature, research journals and databases. One can ask for search and analysis report for proposed idea/query with respect to their novelty and inventiveness. This helps in filing of patent application or initiating new research proposals.

 Patent Drafting

In addition to Prior Art Search, NPASF also provides help in Patent Drafting. Professionals help in the preparation of patent drafts enabling complete description of the embodiment of a process, machine, matter as per technical requirements, viz., title, cross references, background, summary, description (both brief and detailed), claims, abstract, and sequence listing.

Patent Informatics Service

Patent Informatics is the macroscopic analysis of multiple patent data. Under this service, analysis is carried out on large volumes of patent data in order to have an idea about the technology landscape. This results in unearthing of strengths and weaknesses of technologies, markets and portfolios. This helps in policy decisions, R&D strategy, technical auditing and investment decisions.

Article Delivery Over Network Information System (ADONIS)

ADONIS is a consortium of biomedical journal publishers that supplies full-text journals on CD-ROM for document delivery purposes. ADONIS started as a two year trial project and supplied full-,text articles of 224 biomedical journals on CDROM to selected document delivery centres.

Ten publishers and 12libraries from Europe, USA, Mexico, Australia and Japan participated in the project, Libraries received bit-mapped page images of journal articles onCD-ROM along with cumulated indexes for searching the article.

ADONIS also supplied two sets of software, one for image retrieval management and other for generating statistics of usage. ADONIS systemprovided on-screen page browsing as well as printing facilities.

After the successful completion of the trial period, ADONIS has launched a fully commercial service from1990.

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