Trend Reports


Trend reports provide systematic view of recent developments and current research trends in a subject field.

According to Gopinath “A Trend Report is an exposition of a subject, giving an account of the general direction of research in the subject, based on a review of the documents on current developments. The trend report service is designed to help the specialist reader in the productive utilisation of his time and in the conservation of research potential. The training of a documentalist equips him to do this service satisfactorily. However,the specialists’ cooperation is necessary.”

  • The purpose of the trend reports is to briefly capture the major trends in a given area of research based on the analysis of literature on the given subject published during a specific period of time, ranging from two years to five years or  more.
  • Trend reports are highly useful IAC product for subject specialists and decision makers.



Trend reports provide an overview of the current developments and research trends in a particular subject field. Trend reports help:

  • researchers to keep themselves abreast of latest developments in a particular subject field, identify new areas of research and utilise their time and effort more productively towards research;
  • planners and decision makers and funding agencies to sponsor a research; and
  • students to identify an area of research.

Features of a Trend Report

  • Refers to analysis of changes in direction of a subject over a period
  • Attempts to spot a pattern of growth of a subject
  • Helps tp predict future developments of a subject

Preparation of trend report can be demarcated into three planes of work namely

i) The Idea Plane

ii) The Verbal Plane

iii) The Notational Plane

A trend report as a final product contains:

  • Title page;
  • Content page;
  • Short informative abstract;
  • Body of the text, chapter wise;
  • Expressive index;
  • Bibliography of references; and
  • An appendix, with definition of the technical terms.

Source :IGNOU Study Material 

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