A  manual  is  a  concise  reference  book  dealing  with  a  particular process,  procedure,  operation,  mechanism,  job instruction, etc.

 It is essentially a how-to-do-it document prepared with meticulous care containing details of the concerned subject matter.

Handbook, has a limited scope, and it usually focuses on a specific area of interest.



A manual is a handy, single volume    ready reference source useful  for individual users as well as for libraries. Some of the uses of a typical manual are as follows:

  • Being self-instructional, it provides instructions to users on the uses of equipment/appliances/software, etc.
  • It provides instructions to users’ representatives on how to instruct their employees about the use of various machines and other equipment.
  • It  provides  instructions  to  management,  supporting  staff  or  helping  staff  on  the  use  of equipments and/ or procedures, etc.
  • It provides instructions to departments or organizations on how to liaise their operations with others.

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